Thanks to the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid, I had the pleasure of reproducing the works of the painter and friend Bonifacio.One morning, in his studio in Lavapiés, Madrid, sitting at the kitchen table, we started to chat. We had lots of things in common. He was born in Donosti* and he had been a fisherman when he was young, just like me. I could smell the sea! We talk about everything but art and then we improvised a photography sitting, for it wasn't supposed to be portraits in the book. A man of basque features by nature, a fount of wisdom, with a look in which you could see the horizon of the sea. Among the different shots I chose the one of his profile, for it could be the beginning or continuity of the lines of his paintings and drawings, there was no ending.*Also known as San Sebastián. City in the Basque Country.

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