The egg and the chicken

I accepted to work for an industrial catalogue and, suddenly, I was surrounded by chicks, eggs and hens. It was necessary to be extremely patient. I had to chose the best, the most beautiful one, so my studio became a hens casting.

I found it! The most photogenic one! And now, how can I get  a playful hen to pose for me?

I had to take a photograph using a middle format camera and slide. I couldn't shoot fast and no way she would stand still! The solution was to practise hypnotism and it worked. I became a hens hypnotist.

In the afternoon, the sitting went on with the rest of the poultry: eggs, chicks, etc. From then on I have wondered, as many of you, Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Sincerely, I don't know...Could it be a hypnotic question?

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